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Hinge Works
Congress Square

SEEP/TELL is an immersive, open­ air installation of dance, music and film works that explore the ebb and flow of memory, forgetting, and story. Presented by Hinge/Works and Friends of Congress Square, SEEP/TELL will be staged in Congress Square Park on May 1, from 8 to 9 pm.

In "The Art of Forgetting," a dance collaboration between Yes Manifesto and Hio Ridge Dance, Delaney McDonough, Cookie Harrist, Sofia Engelman, and Kristen Stake research memory by re-creating movement events in real time, negotiating the
inevitability of forgetfulness, and exploring how forgetfulness can liberate us.

"Memory in Fragments" is a twelve­tone, multi-phonic duet for oboe and cello, composed by Denis Nye and performed by Ben Meiklejohn and Devon Collela, that explores a landscape of our fragmented memories and our search to find a narrative of the self.

Finally, "Diving Down" is an immersive film installation by the Sisters Grumbling that plunges underwater to tell multiple recollections of one childhood story about getting lost in the depths of a pond.