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Mumbai to Maine: Bicentennial Food Podcast
From Mumbai to Maine

Welcome to Mumbai to Maine: A Culinary Adventure! In celebration of Maine’s 200th birthday I’m excited to launch my podcast with a series, Maine’s Bicentennial Food Podcast. As you know Maine has one of the richest and most fascinating food and drink scenes in the country. This signature series will take a deep dive into Maine’s food story – past, present and future, showcasing Maine’s most creative and accomplished culinary taste-makers, food innovators and entrepreneurs. When I left Mumbai 24 years ago, I never dreamed or imagined that Maine would one day be my home, my happy place. I knew I had to find a portal to somehow share my passion for Indian cuisine and tie it into my deep love for Maine’s rich and dynamic food scene. This Bicentennial Food Podcast series is my gift to Maine on its 200th Birthday! I wanted to provide a platform, a portal of sorts to share some incredible ‘maker’ stories that capture Maine’s entrepreneurial spirit and ethos. I’m hoping with this podcast I am able to deepen the dialogue and conversation as to why Maine is a formidable state for small businesses to thrive, create and innovate.