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Maine Jewish Museum: Pop-Up

Opening Day September 17, 2020 11am – 5pm; Exhibition runs September 17, 2020 through October 18, 2020.

The Art of Going Home – Miklos Pogany with guest curator Laurie Perzley:
Hungarian-born Maine resident, Miklos Pogany, is a prolific artist with an impressive exhibition history and work in the permanent collections of many major museums. A master of multiple media, Pogany creates vivid works based on nature and the built environment, exploring and pushing the parameters of each medium. The artist describes his motivation as follows: "I react to wonder, desires, conflicts, meanings, memories, revenge, sexuality, love and death. I gather all these fragments and make some personal sense of it all." Through his work, Miklos Pogany strives to make sense of life’s fragments - desire, conflict, memory, sex, love, death.  He views his role as an artist to be that of both record keeper and conjurer, to both document history and evoke wonder. Pogany’s work is in the collections of museums throughout the country and internationally, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Phillips Collection, the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, the Fogg Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), and Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris).

Building with Shadows – Alice Spencer:
For many years I have used handwoven textiles-their patterns, structures and stories-as a reference in my work. In this body of work, I draw on 19th century Uzbek ikat textiles. These glorious tie-dyed weavings were used primarily for women’s coats and featured repeated symmetrical motifs.The patterns in my work are made, literally, from the ground up. I sun print the shadows of sticks, grass and weeds then choose parts of the prints to mirror-reflect and add to the first parts. The resulting bilateral forms are made into stencils. Each pattern in the work is built using multiple stencils.

I began making this work almost 4 years ago when I returned to my studio after several years of absence. We had a new president and the world around me felt precarious. Each day in the studio offered a kind of counternarrative, confirming the continued presence of balance, beauty and order.

The work in this show honors the Jewish artisans in 19th century Bukhara who were the master dyers of ikat textiles and the unsung collaborators in one of the world’s most vibrant textile traditions. Each painting in this exhibit uses indigo blue, the color for which they were best known.

Additionally, the Pop-Up space for the Maine Jewish Museum has an additional corridor made available to us to exhibit work by artists who have been past exhibitors at MJM.

Anne Hebebrand - Small Abstract Paintings; 
Henry Isaac - Small paintings of Napal, Vermont, South Harpswell and Portland, Casco Bay; 
Rush Brown – “Guggenheim Series”; 
Marjorie Moore – “Shell Game Series”; 
Invited Guest Gallery Wall:
Jane Banquer - “Black Lives Matter”
Rush Brown - “Frenetic Seascape”
Bruce Brown - “Looking Down at St. Petersburg” photograph;
Jean Shonwater – “Song Without Words”

Pictures: Miklos Pogany, Il Passero Solitario, 1983, oil, wax, acrylic, pastel on canvas, 65 x 48 in.