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Working in Portland

And the winner is....

...not to be coy, but the winner is everyone who attended the first-ever StartUp Weekend here in Portland.  "Portland's workspace community," Peloton Labs, was filled to overflowing from Friday night through Sunday with teams of would-be entrepreneurs pitching and developing their ideas.  What began as about 75 people and 45 pitches was quickly winnowed down to 10 teams of 6-7 people each, scrambling to build proposals and ideas and websites and schematics around ideas as disparate as a time travel agency, a sports statistics website and a dance gym. 

It all happened quickly, and in a (physically) condensed space, with teams huddled around tables, peering at monitors, breaking for snacks, notating on flip charts, and keeping each other on task.  Here's one participant's take on the cheerful chaos.  Then, early Sunday evening, each of the ten teams made final pitches to the assembled crowd (other pitchers) and the judges:  here's our idea, here's what we've, got, here's where we think it'll go.  And by acclamation the winner was...

...Goals with Friends, an app that helps people set goals and recruits their social media networks to join and support them in the same goals.  As Christian MilNeil noted, "The winning team will receive a workstation at Peloton Labs, virtual incubation services from the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development, two scholarships to the MCED's "Top Gun Prep" course, and a trophy."

All right, now it's your turn:  what's your big idea?

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