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"Be In Love" with Portland's Music Community

Last week in Portland, local musicians and music venues participated in the 2nd annual "Playing for Change, Playing for Maine" benefit, just one of hundreds of similar events that happened worldwide to benefit music education programs for kids.

To celebrate the event, the Maine Academy of Modern Music, which embraces the Playing for Change mission through the rock camps and music lessons it runs for kids across the state, got a bunch of Portland's musicians, producers, and filmmakers together to collaborate on this gorgeous and inspiring video performance:

This video demonstrates, in a really lovely way, the mutual support and collaboration that's possible in Portland's small but tightly-knit music community (which, in this case as with many others, often overlaps and collaborates with our visual arts community, our filmmaking community, our nonprofit and social justice communities...). It also shows why Forbes Magazine named Portland the 11th best city in the nation for six-year-old beatboxers.

Credit to the behind-the-scenes talent that made this video possible: David Meiklejohn of Budget Fabulous Films was the producer, Jim Begley was the mixing engineer (and a performer), Adam Ayan was the mastering engineer, and the song, "Be In Love," was the invention of Dominic Lavoie (who sings the opening verses in the video).


Image: Screenshots from the "Be In Love" music video. From left to right: Kenya Hall, Dominic Lavoie, Amanda Gervasi, and Zach Jones.

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