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First Friday: Noh Seokmee's window installation at SPACE Galley

noh seokmee installation at space gallery portland maine

The sight outside of the SPACE Gallery window was wonderful to watch. It seemed that everyone wanted to get up closer to Korean artist Noh Seokmee's many many little people staring back at them. It was a little bit like theatre, except the performers were inanimate and motionless. I think their attraction partially comes in their child-like innocence but also their accessibility--everyone can enjoy them. Each figure (very much like a small doll) is "dressed" in brightly colored print fabrics, the faces each hand painted. This is the kind of work that people like to debate about: is it "art" or "craft"? Personally I think the line of that argument is beautifully blurred in Seokmee's work. Her solo exhibition at June Fitzpatrick gallery includes boxed groupings of the tiny people as well as paintings. Wonderful!

photo by Deborah Wing-Sproul

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