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Good things brewing in an old scrap yard (part 2)

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<p><a href=" target="_blank">Last week I wrote about Tandem Coffee Roasters</a>, the new coffee shop located in a beautifully refurbished art-deco scrap yard building in East Bayside. This week, I&#39;d like to introduce you to their next-door neighbors at <a href="" target="_blank">Bunker Brewing</a>, which has been making craft beer in the former scrap yard&#39;s other building since late last year.</p>
<p>The brewery&#39;s proprietor is Chresten Sorenson, who formerly was a baker for Local 188 and Sonny&#39;s. The chef-owner of those restaurants, Jay Villani, decided to help Sorenson set up his own brewery after tasting some of his homebrews, and continues to support the enterprise by selling Bunker beers on tap at those restaurants (you can also find Bunker brews at Mama&#39;s Crowbar and the Great Lost Bear, among others).</p>
<p>Essentially a one-man operation, Bunker Brewing takes a very hands-on craft approach to each of its batches. When I visited a few days ago, Chresten was working on an Oktoberfest ale and a wet hop pale ale to debut at the <a href="" target="_blank">Portland Brew Fest,</a> which is happening this weekend (if you&#39;re missing the brew festival, he&#39;ll also be bringing a keg to the after-party at <a href="" target="_blank">Mama&#39;s Crowbar</a>, starting at 9 pm). Chresten was also working on a &quot;secret project&quot; for one of Portland&#39;s newly-opened restaurants, and looking forward to working on coffee-flavored beers in collaboration with his new neighbors at Tandem.</p>
<p>The yard between Tandem and Bunker is, for now, a dusty gravel driveway anchored at one end by another amazing relic of the site&#39;s scrap-yard past, a gigantic drive-on truck scale. The coffee- and beer-brewers have a vision to turn this space into a pleasant leafy patio where their customers can hang out a while. For the time being, though, the logistics of operating brand-new businesses mean that the landscaping will have to wait until next summer &mdash; making delicious things to drink is the first priority.

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