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Portland Artist Alicia Eggert Named a TED2013 Fellow

Exciting news: my friend and fellow Portlander Alicia Eggert is headed to Long Beach, California next year as one of the TED conference fellows for 2013.

Alicia creates a lot of interactive and time-based artworks — they demand thoughtfulness and interaction from their audiences, but in a really fun way. One of her most popular artworks (done in collaboration with her partner and frequent collaborator Mike Fleming) is an array of clock hands that converge in right angles to form the word "ETERNITY" twice per day (pictured above, at two minutes past the convergence). This is a major theme in Alicia's art — the idea that meaning and understanding of a message depend on the context (or timing) of our interactions with the message.

Alicia is a professor of art at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. I'm hoping to talk with her soon about what she's hoping to accomplish with the TED fellowship, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can see some of her recent artworks right now in the Maine Women Pioneers show at the University of New England gallery in the Morrill's Corner neighborhood.

Image: "Eternity," by Alicia Eggert. From the artist's website.

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