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Are You a Connector?


2 Degrees Portland is connecting people who want to live and work in Portland with those who do – like you. We're here to help creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers meet their peers, whether they've lived here for years, are new to town, or are considering a move.

As someone who understands what Portland has to offer from a unique perspective, you are crucial to this network. The commitment is small: we simply ask that you respond to connection requests* and consider attending 2 Degrees Portland events. You are free to opt out at any time, and your information is never shared with outside parties.

If you're still interested, please take a few minutes to tell us more about yourself and your relationship to Portland (this will help us make appropriate connections for you). Then join us on Facebook.

*At this time you're likely to receive only a handful of emails per year. You're welcome to offer more at your discretion, such as a phone call or a cup of coffee, but the minimum commitment is an email that responds to a person's questions.

(if you prefer phone contact to email)
name or website
Imagine you're at a cocktail party. What would you talk about, and what would you share about yourself? What are you looking for? Who would you like to meet? This information will help us make better connections for you.