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Happy July from Executive Director, Dinah Minot

The Portland arts community proves to be resilient - our strong, closely knit community has raised almost $100,000 in grassroots funding ($25 here, $50 there) for the Artist Relief Fund to hold each other up during the pandemic. People are going back to work and taking off their masks, but no one is immune from uncertainty. 
So what do we do? We stay alert, we protect ourselves and each other, and we create beauty. Songwriting, composing, fiction writing, gardening, cooking, acting, dancing, painting, illustration, photography, filmmaking, and creating new digital platforms to spread knowledge. People are interested in participating in special experiences, exploring new local spots, and being more creative. 
First Friday Art Walk is back and will begin this Friday night, July 2, from 5-8pm. Browse the map or download and print a copy for yourself. Listed below are a few of the featured events! Walk the streets and smile at the locals or welcome the summer visitors. Hello to a summer of love.


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