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John McVeigh

Opera Singer and Jewelry Designer

Known For music and metalsmithing

Located In The Old Port

John McVeigh has been traveling the world as a professional opera singer—performing with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and at venues in Granada and Leipzig— since he was twenty-five. When he wasn’t on the road, he was living in New York, a city that he still loves. But about ten years ago, John started to feel the absence of connection in his life—to friends, to his environs, to his neighbors. John visited Portland in 2001 at the suggestion of a friend. The very next weekend, he returned to Portland and bought an apartment. John responded to the pace of life in Portland: “it’s slower, but I don’t mean less developed or less interesting, I just mean it’s not so direct with blinders on that you’re not enjoying your life.”

John continues to perform all over the US and Europe, but soon after moving here he set aside time to do something different: to take a metalsmithing class. After one class, he was hooked. John got a space in the Artist’s Studio building and started making jewelry under the name John McVeigh Designs. In 2009 he opened Compositions, a chic, urbane jewelry and floral shop in Portland’s Old Port, with his partner Jimmy McBride, a florist. Some nights he pounds away at the piano till two in the morning learning his roles the night before a trip—because he spent all day making jewelry—but, he says, “I love it. I love what I do.”