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Jung Hur

I am a painter from Korea via NYC and a restaurant owner in Portland

Job Painter, master chef, restaurant owner / Spread, Fugi

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I own and run Fuji and Spread. I moved to Portland in 2008 from New York City, where my West Village restaurant, Kirara, made one of Time Out Magazine's top 100 lists.

I studied painting both as an undergraduate and in graduate school at Hongik University in Seoul and worked as a painter until I moved to NYC in 1998. I have had solo painting exhibitions in NYC and Korea, most recently at White Box Gallery in Manhattan in 2011.

I had been fermenting an idea for 20 years about how to create a combined exhibition of food and painting. That project will finally be made public for the first time here in Portland in December of 2013 at Spread.

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