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Katie B

Fantabulous Graphic Designer

Job Graphic Designer / Fantabulous Design

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I'm owner and graphic designer at Fantabulous Design in Cape Elizabeth (formally Oakland, CA). I work with clients all over North America and have great ties on both west and east coast. In my spare time, when I'm not creating awesome designs, you can find me cooking up a storm and hiking with my dogs. My specialties are: Graphic Design, Print Design, Logo Design, Brand Identity, infographics, ebooks, printed catalogues, posters, logos, car wraps, signage, online ads, websites, creative direction, brochures, stationary, white papers, tradeshow booths, magazine ads, art direction, billboards, tshirts, transit ads, printed books, illustrations, icons, photo editing, direct mail, business cards, interior office design, event themes, tents, wayfinding, yadda yadda yadda — seriously, anything.

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