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Megan Hevenor

I make flower arrangements with Maine goodies.

Job Florist and flower farmer

Lives In Munjoy Hill

I design with flowers I grow myself, source from local farmers, and pull from Maine woods and meadows.  

Other Portlanders

David William Turner

I am a freelance writer and video producer

John Elliott

I enrich lives through music.

Lanna Lee Maheux

Seeks adventures in conversation. And a good time.

Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Brook DeLorme

I design & make clothing.

Shannon Tallman

Pusher of Parmigiano, lover of Limburger and guardian of Gruyere!

Andy Verzosa

Arts & culture impresario

Kevin Brooks

I'm a web developer who speaks design.

Andrew Foster

I show people my favorite things the way I see them