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Mitch Eagan

I make photos and art and know quite a bit about picture framing.

Job Photographer, Artist, Picture Framer

Lives In Woodfords Corner

University of Wisconsin, Fine Arts

University of Missouri, Photojournalism

Other Portlanders

Omar Chaar

Equipment reliability? What's that?

2° Portland Connector

Kimberly Convery

Everyday I try to find a new possibilities

Tina Lucas

Working with buyers and sellers helping them to successfully achieve their MAINE real estate goals.

June Fitzpatrick

I show art that fills and excites me.

Grace Cleaves

Improv training + respect + sassiness + brilliant business acumen = Training for doctors who need "behavioral adjustments"

Carol Walker Aten

I'm a cross-pollinator of people

Elise Margate

I help restaurants increase their bottom line


I connect people with their own history and help build strong communities.

Kevin Brooks

I'm a web developer who speaks design.

Jaime Stone

I am passionate about branding, design and illustration

Martin Connelly

Words, pictures, code, and tea

Dominic D'Alessio III

I make things with my arms.