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Stephanie Brock

I help create inspiring workplaces

Job Business Director / Red Thread

Lives In South Portland

I work with Red Thread's local customers in the Greater Portland area to help them create inspiring workplaces, healthcare spaces, and learning environments. I love running, yoga, craft beers and spending time with my daughter.

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Natalya DeSena

Always be a beginner at something

Irina Skornyakova

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Rick Dennen

I live to paint abstract watercolors.

Emily Southard

Helping produce great art.

James Day Leavitt

Words & Music. Together & Separate.

Robert Sullivan

My work is collected both locally and internationally. I've been educating art students in New England since the Millennium.

Mara Higgins

I Provide Locals with Stylish Offers

Clark Shepard

Show me a brand. I'll tell you its story.

Sean Sullivan

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Kate Anker

I run with artists and work to keep them doing what they love

David Addison

I employ creatives and together we build marketing platforms for ski mountains...