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What People Say About Us

We might be biased, so here's a sample of what some third parties have to say:

What People Say About Us

Business Insider (2014): One of the 14 Places You Should Plan to Visit in 2014

"America's other Portland has been gaining a reputation as a funky low-key destination that prizes quality food and cutting-edge art." (2014): One of 7 Cities that Handle Snowstorms Like Pros

Portland is among the towns that "handle snowstorms like absolute professionals," earning it's accolade of "one of the toughest towns in America."

CBS San Francisco (2013): One of 5 Best Places in America for a White Christmas

"Featuring stunning views of the rugged Atlantic coastline, the state’s largest city kicks off the holiday season with its annual Christmas Tree Lighting the day after Thanksgiving in Monument Square."

Condé Nast Traveler (2014): #1 Most Underrated American City

"Time to give some love to this coastal city, which is rich with history, has a thriving microbrew scene, and more catch-of-the-day seafood restaurants than any one city deserves."

Elle Decor (2015): The Coziest City in America

"A team of environmental scientists revamped the definition of 'cozy' to evaluate this year's contenders, looking at restaurants and coffee shops but also museums, florists, breweries, and bed-and-breakfasts."

ESPN (2014): One of the Top 6 Places to Watch Elite Baseball Prospects

The Sea Dogs, the Boston Red Sox's Double-A affiliate, boasted enough elite prospects on this year's team that they made this list of the most exciting minor league teams to watch in America.

Forbes (2012): #5 Best City for Finding Employment Right Now

"The ranking reflects considerations such as: the diversity of industries in the city, the cost of living, the range in size of companies offering employment, and high level of education among its residents."

Green Living Magazine (2014): #1 Happiest City in the Eastern US

"Between the impressive air and water quality, and twice as many doctors per capita versus the national average, the smogless skies make Portland the healthiest urban center in the States."

Huffington Post (2014): One of the 13 Greatest Destination Food Towns

"Local cuisine is king in Maine's coastal food town. The innovative Vinland restaurant serves only local ingredients -- waiters are outfitted in locally-made duds, and the interior is decorated with white birch, too."

Outside Magazine (2014): #13 Greatest Place to Live in America

"With an influx of bike commuters and locally sourced eateries, and a burgeoning art and music scene, the East Coast’s Portland (pop. 66,000) is starting to resemble its beard-dominated West Coast counterpart."

Popular Mechanics (2014): The 4th Best Startup City in America

"Three square blocks. That's roughly the size of the epicenter of the industrial boom in Portland right now. You'll find them in East Bayside, your classic old-tool-and-dye-factories-turned-coffee-roasters-and-breweries-plus-a-Whole-Foods neighborhood. Bomb Diggity Bakery, Rising Tide Brewing Company, Urban Farm Fermentory—businesses like these are redefining this historic port-based trade hub as startup central."

Smarter Travel (2014): One of America's Best Small Cities on the Rise 

"There are so many artists, photographers, ad-agency writers and designers, and high-tech creative types in Portland that collectively they're driving change in the city."

Parenting Magazine (2012): #3 Best City for Education

"Already doing well with its small class sizes, Portland also ranked for its low student-to-teacher ratio and high graduation rate."

Parenting Magazine (2012): #3 Best City for Families

"New to this year's list, Portland is another small, northeastern city that lures parents with clean air, plenty of outdoor space for kids to play, and a laid-back lifestyle that encourages healthy, active family living."

Kiplinger Magazine (2012): #1 Best City for Your Second Act

"Portland's lively arts scene, highly skilled workforce and inventive cuisine, along with a low crime rate and high-quality medical facilities, are drawing professionals who are making their home base here and telecommuting or flying to their jobs."

USA Today (2014): #7 Best Beer Town

"Spearheading the beer movement in Portland, Maine is Allagash Brewing, which produces some of the country's best Belgian ales and offers one of the best brewery tours."

USA Today (2014): One of 10 Best Cities for Urban Cross-Country Skiing

"Downtown Portland, Maine's Exchange Street is often treated to the unusual sight of skiers zapping by after substantial snowfall. This oddity begins to make sense when one discovers that Exchange Street is home to the Ski Maine Association, representing the Maine Alpine & Nordic Ski Industry."

Wine Enthusiast (2014): One of America's 5 New Foodie Cities

"Here, a spate of new restaurants join burgeoning coffee and distillation scenes. Don’t miss Eventide Oyster Co.’s remarkable array of oysters and a great reserve wine list shared with Hugo’s next door, or Maine’s first 'restaurant-within-a-restaurant,' David’s Opus Ten."

Yelp (2014): #1 Best City to Shop Local For the Holidays

Yelp "analyzed millions of reviews and business listings to determine the US cities with the largest concentration of highly-rated local businesses where holiday shoppers can find great gifts."